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Mark G.P. Atherton

Sr. Graphic Designer & Illustrator


I have worked as a graphic designer for twenty years, and in that time I have worked at large corporations with huge teams, intimate boutique design shops, and as a freelancer. 

I love working with a team, and believe ego-less collaboration is where the best discovery and design work come from.  My strengths are in ideation, and being able to work in a variety of styles, while retaining a high level of detail and artistic authenticity.  The fun part of what I do is coming up with the ideas. The rewarding part is executing those ideas flawlessly. 

I was born a humble midwestern boy with the drive to draw pictures, and the desire to get the hell out of the midwest!  These two internal preoccupations would conspire to jettison me towards the west coast of the United States, where I have spent most of my life and career.  I now reside in Vancouver, Washington and I'm currently taking on freelance work.

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EMAIL: mark@markathertondesign.com
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Mark Atherton
810 E 28th Street  Vancouver, WA  98663